Are employers too focused on work experience when hiring

Work experience is often used as a criterion for evaluating job candidates but some
people believe that this work experience demand can be problematic. It might not
go in the favor of fresh graduates starting life, people with skills and great potential
of succeeding and also discourages diversity. However, employers feel they put the
company at risk if they hire someone with lesser or no work experience and they do
not have the time nor are they ready to do nicest in resources to train entry level candidates.
On this premise

Chad H. Van Iddekinge and his colleagues from Florida State University conducted a review of 81 studies to explore the relationship between an employee’s prior work experience and their performance in a new organization. They discovered that there was no significant correlation between the two. ‘We were surprised. It seems so intuitive that applicants who have general work experience or have already done the job that they’re applying for would be at an advantage. But when we looked at all these studies—and we sifted through thousands to find the 81 with pertinent data—we discovered a very weak relationship between pre hire experience and performance, both in training and on the job. We also found zero correlation between work experience with earlier employers and retention, or the likelihood that a person would stick with his or her new organization’, Chad H. Van Iddekinge asserted.

So, what are the odds of hiring based on work experience?

Experienced candidates may be difficult to manage. This is because they tend to be rigid in their approach to getting task done. Secondly, they may demand higher salaries. It is possible that they left their old job for better conditions especially good salaries. So, they expect their new employer to grant them better salary and failure to meet their demands may force them to leave. Last but not least, employers may lose the chance of getting fresh human resource with fresher perspectives and a greater potential of bringing success to the company nonetheless got rejected because they do not have the required work experience.  On the other hand, inexperienced employees are passionate about working, adaptable to new techniques, and easy to manage.


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